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Sep. 4th, 2009

Break smiling

Pandora rocks

 Not the anime, the music site. My radio station: 

Already Over by Red
Frontline by Pillar
Stand Up by Fireflight
Exhibition by Falling Up
Life Again by Decyfer Down
Exit Calypsan by Falling Up
Escalates by Falling Up
Things Left Unsaid by Disciple
Fight Inside by Red
Ok by Brooke Barrettsmith
Wrapped in your arms by Fireflight
Fireproof by Pillar
Broken Heart by Falling Up
Hollow by Submersed
You Decide by Fireflight
Bring Me Down by Pillar
Learn to Breathe by TFK
Treason by Kutless
Definition Of Me by Steven Curtis Chapman
Loud by Kutless
Fall to Pieces by Krystal Meyers

And I like it, hah, it does work. And I was one of the skeptics. XD

Aug. 14th, 2009

Break smiling

Looks like I'll be living on my own.

 Funny to think I just turned 18 and little did I know I'd be operating the place within the next few months for a while. Does anyone remember two years ago when I had to live with my family in Virginia for a while? Well, my mom's ready to accept a travel assignment in New York, thing is, I won't be going with her. My sister will, gladly, she loves New York far too much not to, and she has the security of online schooling. I have the option with online schooling too, but I'd rather attend my public school anyway. So for four to five months, Ryan's going to be living by himself. 

Now, of course, my mother will help when it comes to some bills, but I'll handle pretty much everything else. Getting a job, taking care of the animals, buying necessary items, the works. And honestly, I'm really looking forward to this. It's a good experiment to see how I can handle the pressures of being alone and having enormous responsibilities to look after. I'll get my own laptop and other things my mom feels will aid me, kekeke. :D 

Little does she know I'll finally have the time to clear out and organize the garage to put up my RC airplane building area. >:D

Soooo yeah, I'd go into more detail, but I actually don't know much, I'll get more information over the next few days, certainly, though.

Jul. 17th, 2009


Finally, some relief from a pressured tank of emotions

I finally just let it out, completely dishing out the crap I've had in me for the past few days. I... didn't want to worry Mika, but a friendly chat with Chris reeeeaaallly helped, and I expect my vacation to do nothing but help as well.

5. freaking. days. omg. yay. 8D

Jul. 16th, 2009


It's starting to get hectic

I wrote a pretty tl;dr HQ (or rather, myself in the HQ) vent, but I just happen to exit out and it didn't save, soo. :D I'll just say this: this vacation will do me a lot of good.

Anyway, wow, it's almost here. I leave for North Carolina on the 22nd, Wednesday -- then to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Friday -- and return August 8th. I mean, tomorrow's going to be a major planning day for me. I've got luggage to measure and weigh, etc. I've got to figure out and spin some things so I can hang out with Mika (<3), and just... organize all my thoughts. Should be fun as daunting as it might seem. I worry, but I'm sooooo excited. On the side, gotta do two articles, one for Credenza magazine, one for Mika's guide.

My dad bought the tickets, so 22nd to 8th is in stone. If I happen to miss out on the Get-Together, oh well. This is big, for me, really. I get to spend a lot of time with my father who's finally getting involved in my life, meet and hang out with fellow-PCer and pair, Mika (that's beyond awesome), get to see my uncle and cousin from my dad's side, haven't seen them in who knows how long, and better yet, I'm turning 18. Boy does time fly. I get to see WIS-CON-SIIIIN and when we get back on the 3rd, go up to Philly with my dad, which is just... super cool. Experience a real philly cheese steak. XD I'm going to take so many photos I'll blow you all away. I don't know how I'll be able to take this all in.

Catch ya later.

Jul. 3rd, 2009


Being the passenger seat causes a mind cramp

Before I gained the privilege to drive, I was stuck in the passenger seat for a looong time, and that's usually the case for many out there. But after gaining the ability to drive - constantly switching off with my mother - my passenger experiences are nothing short of chaotic. I think a simple turn for the driver is faaaaar too close to the curb. I just... I'm not the same at all. O_o; The angles are thrown off and after getting used to being the driver you... freak out more as a passenger. This has been the same for my grandfather & mother. Granted, my mom was in a major car accident (how I got my chest) so that's somewhat understandable.

Anyone else experience this? Where (when or if you're inbetween the main driving duties) how it can throw you off or the feel of the car can catch you off-guard or uncomfortable? Maybe it's just our car or even the family, but it sure is... odd. :(

Jun. 29th, 2009


Ahhhhh, Mika knows what I did last summer

 ... um, outside the random title, how 'bout some of Ryab's latest. XD

'kaykay, haven't been to the beach since my grandparents left. Lame. >:O But I must say, getting on Skype the entire day yesterday was awesome enough anyway. (If only my family was away that long all the time, lol[/shot])

My father emailed me! (yes, I noticed this five days later, lawl) Oshkosh is on! He's gonna airline me to North Carolina on the 23, then we fly to Wisconsin on the 24th. THEN SEVEN DAYS OF FREAKING AWESOME PILOT FESTIVAL STUFF. When I come back, I'll be an adult, so one last go as a kid. ;o; 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKorq7dE4gM&feature=channel_page I CANT STOP LISTENING TO THIS.

Wifi cut off J and I in the battle factory, I was so pissed. D;

And I slept 12 hours today, 8AM to 8PM. HELL YEAH, THE OL (OWL) NOCTURNAL SCHEDULE IS BACK. 

Jun. 23rd, 2009


Two dollars in my pocket

Sand dollars, that is.

Today was awesome. Relaxing breakfast and quick chat with the usual gang on MSN, then get dressed and head out to the shores and lil' shops with my grandparents. We're looking 'round one of the surf shops when this awesome swimsuit peeks out of the corner of my mother's eye. Wasn't exactly cheap, but it was too kick ass not to buy. After that we head home and get ready for the beach. I made sure to bring the mask and snorkel this time (seeing as it was around low tide)... drove over to the shore and head into the water after sunscreen, etc.

The snorkel sucked, I kept swallowing water due to seal issues at the mouth. So it was just me and the mask. I find and start swimming with a school of 200 or so fish, no joke. They were about the size of your hand to the size of a penny, so the entire school wasn't exactly too enormous. Soon I see them biting at something, I brush the sand and something brown pops up. Excited, I grab some air and head back down, caught my first sand dollar! 'bout four to five inches in diameter without a battle scar from a mollusk. =D! Then, after more underwater adventure, I see a crab the size of a freaking ruler. It was like "Dude, no, my territory, gtfo T_T". XD then my sister came out and I caught another sand dollar!

Unfortunately, this one was fatally injured by a mollusk. You see, when you see those very precise holes in a shell, it's from digging mollusks in the sand drilling through shells and such to get the insides. Anyway, the sand dollar seemed to have purple-like ooze from it and was going to die soon anyway, if it wasn't already. But my sister wanted it, so that one's her's.

Then I came home, had a wonderful dinner and took a nap, woke up, and got to 161 in the Battle Arcade. =D

Can't wait to dive around tomorrow~

Jun. 11th, 2009

Jun [ ready for battle ]

Time to start cross country training and more

I've been running a mile, but not every day. If I want to run five miles without losing pace by the end of summer, I gotta get on this. Two miles, adding another mile every week. So yeah, I'll start running 'round the block twice every day, again.

In other news, Magic are currently winning game four, hope they can finish it.

Also, grandfather, very... angry lately. Though his temper really hasn't changed, ticking it off sure has. Blah, oh well, I'll deal with it. Stubborn "oldest man in the room is always right" idea.

Another also, I keep freezing in front of one of my sister's friends. D: Ahhhh, crap.

Jun. 5th, 2009


And summer entered the stage!

And I'm going to finish with all A's, it turns out. I thought I got an 85% on my history exam, turns out I got a 100. (questions concerning the first semester were nuked because I wasn't in Spruce the first semester to learn it) ... Wow. So one message about a tiny grade fix over the school website and viola, all A's.

These exam grades are official~

Law Studies: 100
Computer & Business: 100
Marine Science: 94 (seems I missed two questions, baw, oh well)
English: 99
Personal Fitness: 80 (tehehe, whoops)
American History: 100
Weightlifting: Never released

Finished on a fantastic note. It took two years with all the errors of home school and the transfer, but sophomore year is F I N A L L Y in the rear view mirror now.

Grandparents here in one hour! /o/


Jun. 4th, 2009

Jun [ ready for battle ]

Law studies + grandparents = Friday

Tomorrow is my final day of school, the exam being Law Studies. Due to having such a kick ass teacher, we just had to write a paper about what we liked about the class, disliked, favorite law, and what changes would you make to the class. I finished my paper about ~30 minutes ago, since my internet has been a wild fire lately going on and off.

Today I did my Marine Science and Computers & Business exams, both easy 100's. Powerpoint and marine life classification? haha, what a breeze.

I'm slowly cruising through the Battle Arcade again; haven't regained the same spark yet, though. I guess I just need battles I know I'll have a challenge. As Psychic Sylvie said after my loss "I sensed an aura of invincibility" I believe this team has that, strongly. Without error on my part, I believe I've made the team that can give life-dedicated battle facility lovers a run for their money. I mean, you know your team is good when it can function with three choice bands and you only have one physical attack on the team, etc. Who knew the capabilities an Umbreon, Salamence, and Suicune, really. Still planning a few tweaks here and there so Metagross 3 isn't such a pain, though. (You just happen to miss Garchomp sometimes, ya'know?)

Oh yeah, my grandparents are coming down tomorrow for three weeks, should be fun! I'm actually going to enjoy driving them around to various spots across Florida. XD I'll be sure to spam pictures.

Also, on a sad note, this is just creepy: [ http://www.pokecommunity.com/blog.php?b=2443 ] When I logged on MSN to see that news, it seriously give me the chills. Coincidences like that just don't happen. *shudders*

Oh, and finally, the book "blink" ... absolutely fantastic, I'm already half way through and I can't wait to get his other book, "the tipping point." Just too damn good.

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